Cats Vs. Aliens!

a game by Echo in a Void

It's an Invasion!

Aliens have come to Animals Planet!  Kitsy Katsy is determined to unite her fellow bipedal animal folk to create a haven amidst the chaos.  In this light-hearted and fresh take on familiar gameplay mechanics, you'll find and recruit allies to your cause, build a cozy home base, farm resources to improve your chances of survival.  Then, if you feel like it, find a way to take back your planet.  Or not.  This is fine, too.


Check Out the First Devlog!

Take a peep at the what, how, and why of this game.  This quick video lays out the first steps I'm taking to get this game ready for release as soon as possible.

Recruit Allies

This is an important step for the game!  A key feature is the ability to find and recruit other characters so that you can choose which you want to play as.  I am aiming for 10-15 characters at release, with more to come in subsequent updates.  Each character will bring a unique weapon or ability to the game.

Harvest Resources & Build A Base

I love interacting with the environment in games.  I love to build a custom home base that is set up for how I like to play.  I'm designing this game with those factors in mind.  Cats vs. Aliens will do its best to meet those requirements and make the game satisfying and compelling to play.

Why pixel art?

Pixel art is an extremely lightweight way to keep this game looking good through the years.  This highly stylized aesthetic keeps games playable long after they've been released, and helps prolong battery life of handheld gaming devices, which is how I envision this game being best enjoyed.

Concept Images

Concept images were generously generated by Midjourney.